A brand is a belief and beliefs change.

Things are changing at a pill-popping rate.
Marketing messages are mushrooming (try saying that three times fast).
New brands are bursting onto the scene.
And people’s preferences are changing rapidly.
Which turns today’s peacock into tomorrow’s feather duster.
That’s why understanding belief formation is critical.
Because the more brands there are, the less they mean.
If everything is a message, nothing is a message.
A brand is much more than a message.
It’s a belief.
And beliefs are created in other people’s heads and hearts.
From their perceptions and past experiences.
And since the world of their experiences is changing, their beliefs are changing as well.
Which may, in turn, affect their beliefs of you and your brand.
If you’re not obsessed with those changes, you’ll probably be okay.
In the short-term.
Beliefs don’t change overnight.
And brands don’t go down from one fatal deathblow.
They die from a thousand little marketplace cuts.
Many of which are self-inflicted.