Belief ‘in’ and belief ‘that.’

There are two different kinds of belief.
Belief-in and belief-that.
Belief-in is about an ideal.
It’s faith in a concept or cause.
A conviction from within.
Belief-that is about a tangible idea.
One validated by present day assumptions.
And supported by empirical evidence.
Belief-in is dietary.
It’s a daily regimen that fuels organizations.
It keeps them healthy in mind and spirit.
Belief-that is medicinal.
It’s an impermanent step.
One that should be continually questioned and reexamined.
Great brands are a belief-in and a belief-that.
Belief-in an improved life and a better world.
And belief-that a particular approach will make it happen.
Consider Elon Musk.
Elon believes-in renewable and environmentally friendly energy technologies.
He believes-that electric cars (Tesla Motors) and solar power (SolarCity) are the best ways to achieve it.
There are many people who believe-in what Elon believes-in.
But until recently hardly anyone believed-that he could make it happen.
That’s changing, and really fast.
Because Elon is making his ideas tangible.
Belief-in is our most abundant and combustible resource. 
And belief-that sets that latent force on fire!