How does the glass look to you?

An optimist sees the glass as half full. 
And a pessimist sees it as half empty. 
But we can always dig a bit deeper into people’s perceptions.
For example, how would an engineer see the glass?
Probably that it’s twice as big as it needs to be.
The accountant would want to know if the glass really needs all that water.
The physicist would say that the volume of the cylinder is divided into two equal parts.
One a colorless, odorless liquid, the other a colorless, odorless gas.
Thus the cylinder is neither full nor empty.
Rather, each half of the cylinder is full, one with a gas, one with a liquid.
And the quantum physicist would tell you that the glass has a 50% probability of holding water.
The government would say that the glass is fuller than if the opposition party were in power.
The opposition would say that it is irrelevant because the present administration has changed the way such volume statistics are collected.
The economist would say that, in real terms, the glass is 25% fuller than at the same time last year.
And the banker would say that the glass has just under 50% of its net worth in liquid assets.
The psychiatrist would ask, “What did your mother say about the glass?”
The philosopher would proclaim that if no one looks at the glass, who’s to say how full or empty it really is?
And the content marketer is simply grateful there’s a glass to write about.
But, my friends, the truly important question today is, How does the glass look to you?
If you have your health, hope, loved ones and freedom, your glass is a bright, sparkling gift.
Be thankful.