How to peel a banana.

There’s a better way to peel a banana.
The process is frustration-free and prevents bruising.
It even takes those stringy things off of the fruit. 
Try it.
Instead of bending and twisting and eventually tearing the stem with your teeth.
Hold the banana stem facing down.
Now gently pinch the very top of the banana to split the skin.
And peel the skin downwards towards the stem.
The stem even makes an excellent handle.
Here’s the strange thing.
Even though it works much better than your present routine, you won’t adopt it.
Because better is not what drives you.
Unless there’s a compelling desire to change, you won’t.
The stem will continue to signal your feeling mind.
“Grab it and yank down! You know how to do this. Don’t waste time.”
And off you’ll go.
Your banana peeling belief will remain unchanged.
Even though your thinking mind “knows” better.
Every decision is like peeling a banana.
A choice between comfort, the unquestioning status quo.
And possibility, a new way of feeling and acting.
A famous French writer observed, “There are people whose clocks stop at a certain point in their lives.”
Sure, the way you handle a banana is of little consequence.
But your other routine ways of thinking and doing will eventually run you down.
So the next time you peel a banana, remember.
There is always another way.