Our personal beliefs create our collective world.

Kobe Bryant is paid more than $350,000 each game to bounce a ball and toss it through a hoop.
A staff seargant deployed to Afganistan for one harrowing year earns less than $50,000.
Malcolm Gladwell gets $100,000 to give a talk about his latest book.
It takes a typical math teacher two long years to make that same amount.
Calvin Harris makes $300,000 for a single night’s work as a Las Vegas DJ.
During those six hours, a neonatal nurse makes a whopping $200.
Can you believe it?
You should, because your beliefs (and mine) created it.
Not our passive, rational “big B” Belief.
One that questions right and wrong and relative worth.
Rather the active, instinctive “little b” beliefs driven by our everyday desires.
Like tuning in to watch the game.
Gulping down another mass marketed beverage.
Passing along a YouTube video.
Or slipping on our logoed clothing.
But we find that hard to believe.
That our insignificant, individual actions create substantial, public beliefs.
We disconnect our actions from the bigger story.
We imagine that someone “out there” is controlling the plot.
Sorry, but it’s an illusion (and delusion).
No one is in control.
We all are.
And what can you do?
Be more conscious.
Slow down and consider the far reaching effects of your choices.
You’re like the butterfly who flaps its wings in its little world.
And ultimately creates a storm of unintended consequences in everyone’s.