Seeing is believing is seeing.

I watched a documentary about crows.
Those black-feathered, mythological rascals. 
They’re so much smarter than you probably believe.
They remember faces, use tools, plan and solve problems.
They even play.
Have you noticed?
Our beliefs about animals, in general, are rapidly changing.
Because we’re seeing evidence that makes us reexamine those beliefs.
Evidence that supports sentience, consciousness, even empathy.
Birds, dolphins, horses, dogs.
But we would not have seen the evidence without first changing our beliefs.
Without allowing our minds to accept the possibilities.
Nothing about animals has changed much over the past 100 years.
What has changed is our relationship with them.
Instead of seeing them as pests, or resources for our use and consumption.
They’ve been our helpers, teachers, companions, part of our families.
And that new way of being and believing has allowed us to see some remarkable behavior.
Yes, seeing is believing.
But we must believe in order to see.
And, unfortunately, all the words in the world won’t get you there.
You can’t get wet in the word “water.”
You must hear the words in a new way.
In a way that is felt in your bones.
And you can only feel it by being it, by doing it.
Camu wrote, “You cannot create experience.
You must undergo it.”
What do you want to experience?
In your life, with your business, with your team?
Undergo it, and then you’ll see it.