There are many Is in team.

A friend of mine recently marvelled at the team play of the San Antonio Spurs.
The 2014 NBA champions.
It was their fifth championship over the past 15 years.
And with pretty much the same core group of players.
The Spurs 14.5-point margin of victory was the highest in NBA Finals history.
They also broke the record for field-goal percentage.
But here’s the amazing part.
Tony Parker averaged a mere 17.5 points per game.
The fewest points per game of any leading scorer on a championship team.
You’ve probably heard that there’s no I in team.
It’s bullshit.
Great teams are overflowing with Is.
Committed, caring individuals.
Driven by a common purpose.
And led by an uncommon coach.
I’ve been a member of many teams.
Corporate, sport, fraternal and philanthropic.
Most were average, but a handful stood out.
And I’ve thought a lot about what made those few so special.
It was esprit de corps.
A bunch of talented and strong-willed Is.
Held together by a passionate belief.
And that’s how you spell team!