Passion is the enemy.

There’s a great old movie with Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller called “The Zero Effect.”
It’s about the world’s best, yet socially dysfunctional detective Darryl Zero.
Darryl’s the world’s best investigator, because he relies on two fundamental principles.
He calls these rules the “two obs:” objectivity and observation.
Objectivity is the ability to deal with a situation uncolored by one’s feelings.
Like dealing quickly and calmly with the effects of technology on one’s business model.
Observation is exactly what it sounds like.
Going into people’s natural environment and watching them behave.
To formulate first hand accounts and gain novel insights.
Darryl is a master at these skills because he remains curious, fully engaged and emotionally detached.
He watches and listens, but not to what people say and do.
Rather to discover the meaning behind their words and actions.
Near the end of the movie, things get out of hand for Darryl.
He breaks his own rules and becomes emotionally involved with a subject.
And thus loses his carefully guarded objectivity.
He ultimately grasps his mistake before it’s too late, and voices his realization:
“Passion is the enemy of precision.”
I don’t have to ask if things are getting out of hand for you.
I know that they are.
I know you’re involved, on a very personal level, with your business and your industry.
And that you haven’t spent enough time dispassionately observing.
Gaining novel insights to help grow your brand.
Your passion, which has made you so successful, has become your enemy.
The important questions are:
Do you know it?
And, assuming it’s not too late.
What are you going to do about it?