What do you believe?

I did an interview about belief.
Someone didn’t believe what I had to say.
How ironic.
I made a comment about the root of the word “belief.”
That is was from an old word “lief,” which means to wish.
That statement didn’t sit well with one of the listeners.
Because “it implied that a person’s belief system was nothing more than wish fulfillment.”
And so he looked up the root of the word and found something different.
Something that made him feel better about himself and his beliefs.
That’s how belief works.
Yes, it’s based on what you perceive to be the facts.
Like what your senses tell you or what you find in a book.
Or even what the majority agrees with.
But those perceptions are conditioned by your perspective.
By your point of view, upbringing, traditions and social experiences.
And that’s why “history is written by the victors.”
So really pause to consider what you believe, and why.
And when you’re trying to decide whether or not to believe someone else, by all means check the facts.
But remember, you’re bound to run into a contradiction.
And when you do, follow the advice of Ayn Rand:
“Check your premises.”
Carefully examine the agendas of your sources.