Fast and right.

It’s rumored that Ted Williams could see the seams on a baseball.
As it rocketed towards him at over 90 miles-per-hour.
It’s not true.
But, “The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived” could see what others could not.
A slowed down, holistic version of the game.
What others missed, he saw in an instant, as a gestalt.
Score, pitch count, the pitcher’s idiosyncrasies, player positions and movements.
He could see the connections, the relationships.
Between his objective, as a batter, and everything else.
Less experienced and less skilled batters simply can’t see that reality.
So everything speeds up, in their minds.
And so do their judgments.
And those narrow, rushed decisions lead to suboptimal performance.
It’s the same in any domain.
And that’s why, in today’s hypercompetitive environment, winners hire experience.
Everything slows down for experienced people.
They see things in an instant.
Which allows them to do it fast.
And do it right.
There’s an often cited William Goldman quote about Hollywood.
“Nobody knows anything.”
It may be true that there is no formula for predicting success.
But there sure as hell are experienced and talented people who can help you attain it.