Is your brand misunderstood?

McDonald’s brand is misunderstood.
That’s how their executives are rationalizing the company’s worst financial performance in years.
And so they’ve hired a new head of marketing.
To “convey facts and address misperceptions” about their food.
Will it work?
Can facts trump people’s beliefs?
Absolutely . . . not.
Our desires and memories govern our perceptions.
And we ignore information that conflicts with those beliefs.
Especially when our desires are salient.
And when our memories have been built up over time.
So McDonald’s should forget about conveying facts.
And work like hell on changing beliefs.
The real reason behind McDonald’s brand image problem is simple.
Given the abundance of fast-food options, people don’t believe in the brand’s unique value.
And that fact was revealed by McDonald’s CEO during a recent interview with the press.
“McDonald’s is in the business of satisfying customers and that will never fall out of favor. The question is what do you do to do that?”
“What do you do to do that?” indeed!
That’s the nature of today’s brand game.
So are you misunderstood?
Are people losing their appetite for your brand?
Don’t waste a penny trying to “educate” or “convince” them.
It won’t change a thing.
Instead, give them a novel and valuable experience.
One that aligns with their beliefs and desires.
Then sit back and watch in astonishment.
As they educate and convince themselves.