Deflategate and you.

Have you heard about “deflategate?”
The sports controversy centered on underinflated footballs?
It’s a perfect example of media air.
Frivolous, high-drama communication.
A spectacle that ignites our storytelling minds.
By making us wonder.
About possibilities, right and wrong, good and evil.
And, like the very best stories, one with no clear-cut answer.
And that’s what makes it air.
I’ve encountered a lot of air in my life.
Overblown situations in which meaningless debate drags on and on.
Either with others, or with myself.
“Should we or shouldn’t we?”
“This way or that way?”
And make no mistake, that air can smother you.
Because while you’re focused on unknowable and idealistic concerns.
Others have shut down their fascination with cerebration.
They’ve tuned out the critics and ended the meetings.
And are passionately moving forward.
Laser-focused on reality and the challenges at hand.
I know, we want to get it right, to be right.
But life is too complex.
There are no easy answers, no definitive user’s manual.
So enough with the air.
Not everything can matter.
Heed Goethe’s words and remember:
“Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.”
Get on with it, be passionate.
The air will come and go.
But it’s the strides you take, and the difference you make, that will be valued.
And long remembered.