Keep fumbling.

Andrew was an obscure, overlooked Irish musician.
A struggling 22-year-old, living with his parents and performing at open mics.
Then one day, while “fumbling around,” he did what he does best.
What Andrew loves to do.
He “came upon the idea for a chorus,” and recorded a new song.
An impassioned piece about his personal frustration with organized religion.
And the rest, as they say, is history.
Take Me to Church, took Andrew Hozier-Byrne and the world by storm.
It has sold over 3 million downloads.
It was nominated at the Grammy’s for Song of the Year.
It was even the song most shazamed by Patriots and Seahawks fans over the past few months.
Hozier is now a global sensation.
And no one could have ever predicted it.
Yes, Andrew is talented.
And sure, a lot of unexpected factors cooperated with him.
But it was the song, that one song, that caught the cultural wave.
And fueled Hozier’s meteoric rise.
Like the iPhone fueled Apple.
And search animated Google.
And like how various books, songs, acting roles, and even speeches created today’s cultural elite.
So the next time you feel like quitting, remember Hozier.
And that one song.
And then keep fumbling.
Keep on doing what moves you, what you love to do.

Because the answer you seek is not out there.
It’s within you.
And it’s only revealed through the actions you take.