What we remember.

Have you heard the news?
A recent study revealed something interesting about Apple.
The world’s most valuable brand.
People can’t seem to remember its iconic logo.
Perhaps you can (click here to find out).
You’d assume that most people could.
After all, they’ve been exposed to it countless times.
The reach and frequency of the Apple logo is over the top.
So why can’t most people recall and draw the correct one?
I’ll tell you why.
It’s irrelevant to most people.
The details of the Apple logo simply don’t matter.
The same is true of most marketing.
The images, sounds and words don’t really matter all that much to most people.
And so they’re not stored in long-term memory.
So what’s stored?
What’s stored is what matters.
To them (not to you).
As Peter Drucker tried to make clear:
“What a business thinks it produces is not of first importance.
Especially not to the future of the business and to its success.
What the customer thinks he is buying, what he considers ‘value,’ is decisive.
It determines what a business is, what it produces and whether it will prosper.”
So if you’re interested in owning the most important real estate in today’s marketplace.
That space between people’s ears.
Make sure your message matters.
So it will be relevant to them when they’re exposed to it.
And when the need arises to recall it.
You’re probably thinking, “That’s not true.”
“I remember a bunch of advertising that wasn’t relevant to me.”
If you remember it, it was relevant to you.
At the time you were exposed to it.
It may have tickled you, puzzled you, or pissed you off.
Or the brand message was repeated so often, it became like an earworm.
But that doesn’t mean that you stored the “value” of that brand.
A value that you’ll recall when it’s time to make a marketplace choice.
People don’t pay attention to the detailed designs of logos.
We simply use them as signs in a confusing and fast moving marketplace.
They tell us which roads to take.
To get the value we desire.

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