Your mind has a mind.

You’re walking down the street, rushing to a meeting.
Finally arriving at your destination, you discover that it’s located directly across the street.
There’s no crosswalk, and there’s little traffic.
You can continue on and cross at the intersection.
You can turn around and walk back to the previous intersection.
Or you can simply hoof it straight across the street.
Of those three alternatives, which will you choose?
The simplest, most comforting, and direct one.
The one that makes the most “sense” to you at that moment.
And you won’t even pause to consider your options.
Unless you have a really good reason.
Perhaps you’re pushing a baby in a stroller.
Or a cop is standing next to you, glaring.
Your mind goes through a similar process when it forms beliefs.
It “desires” the easiest, simplest, most comforting and direct path to an answer.
Cognitive scientists have analyzed this propensity to death.
They’ve even invented an entire lexicon known as cognitive biases.
But all you really need to know is this:
Unlike a computer, your “analytical mind” has a mind of its own.
One that “desires.”
To rapidly generalize and estimate.
To see what makes the most sense, based on what it has seen before.
To seek comforting patterns and create cause and effect stories.
To find information that confirms its assumptions.
And to remember information that’s consistent with its beliefs.
Yes, I know that referring to a “cognitive bias” as a “desire of the mind” is controversial.
I don’t care.
The human brain is not a computer.
Your mind is alive.
And it’s motivated.
Once you’ve come to terms with this mad reality.
Everything in life will suddenly become clear.

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