Who are you?

Do you believe you were born fat?
Or do you believe that you can control your weight?
According to new research, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Believing you were born fat keeps you that way.
Believing you are in control of your weight inspires healthy eating and weight loss.
Here’s the truth.
You were not born fat.
You are not your history.
And here’s another truth.
If you’re working on something, someone else on the planet is working on something very similar.
I distinctly remember an interview with the writer Vince Gilligan.
Gilligan is the creative mind behind “Malcolm in the Middle,” the “X-Files,” and the hit movie “Hancock.”
Here’s what he said about his acclaimed television series “Breaking Bad.”
The idea sprung into his head fully-formed, “somewhat in an instant.”
He was amazed that he even pitched the idea and that it’s on the air, since “on paper it should not work.”
He’s glad he didn’t know about the existence of the TV series “Weeds” (a similar idea).
Had he known about “Weeds,” he “would have never gone forward and pitched ‘Breaking Bad.’”
So forget who you were.
Forget what you’ve done.
And forget what others are doing (don’t Google it!).
Simply ask, What do I want?
What am I passionate about?
Now go do that.
And bingo!
That’s who you are.