Please stop thinking.

In the winter of 2013, I had a thought.
Or, to be more precise, it had me.
It went like this.
If someone I loved was stuck in her story.
Suffering with a desperate, hopeless life.
And, by accident, she lost her memory (her story).
Would I step in and rewrite it?
In her mind.
Or, would I be honest and tell her “the truth?”
Her history.
More than two years later, that crazy idea is now a screenplay.
And I’m now a screenwriter.
Because I wrote a screenplay (pretty simple, huh?).
But it never would have happened.
If I had really thought about it.
Because thinking is reductive.
Thinking wants to simplify everything.
Including you!
Why are you writing a screenplay?
Who are you to write a screenplay?
Do you know how many people are writing screenplays?
But you’re not what you think.
You’re what you do.
You’re not simple.
You contain multitudes!
Thinking about whether or not to do something brings nothing but doubt.
If you really feel it, you should do it.
“Okay,” you’re probably thinking.
“But shouldn’t I think about how to do it.”
Sure, but not much.
Because, you’ll never figure out the how before you begin.
Knowing will never lead to doing.
Doing is what creates knowing.
And growth.
That was one of many discoveries while writing “I am Keats.”
So please stop thinking and grow!
You are not what you think.
You are what you uniquely feel.
And, especially, what you do with those feelings.
Right now, I am Keats!
Who are you?